10,000km in Western Canada while the bees buzz in Germany! Rolling Stone, Amazon & such…


A little vid from a session in Cologne Germany with Cardinal Sessions this last tour! But that was at least a month ago and currently I’m freezing my butt off in western Canada after 2 weeks of house concerts.

We have conquered the prairies. Our last house concert is over. It was wonderful but boy am I ready to go home and sleep for a week after 2 months of non-stop touring in Germany, Switzerland, Alberta and Saskatchewan and likely 10,000 km of driving. And we still have another few thousand to go before getting back to Toronto.

It has been nice however, to spend two solid weeks with these two lovely talented songstresses, Aly Tadros and Sam Mclellan. No better way to catch up than spending 3 weeks in a car with someone.

While I was over in rural Alberta and Saskatchewan playing in beautiful cottage-like houses on windy dirt roads without house numbers in towns inhabited by more deer than people, my album, Break the Balance was being released in Germany, Switzerland and Austria by Make My Day Records. Strange and GREAT to have the busy bee’s buzzing to get the momentum going on the European Chloe career and boy is it ever nice to get promising updates along the road, that is only occasionally when I actually have internet service. Yes it really is THAT rural.

So what’s been shakin” over in the German speaking part of the world?

Well, Break the Balance was released on Friday November 30th.

The album is featured on Amazon Germany’s homepage right beside Rihanna. Hahahaha! I find that hilarious. Me and my good friend Rihanna right?

But anyways, back to the point, for one week you can get the digital album for a HUGE discounted price of only 5 EURO!

So if you are over there, buy it now before it is back up to 14 Euro.

From Thursday to Thursday of this week, Rolling Stone Germany is featuring me on their homepage with one of my songs for download for FREE. The are offering an exclusive acoustic version of “My Child”, written with Davide Santi that you can only find there so I suggest

heading over and downloading it NOW. Who doesn’t like free things?

A friend in Berlin wrote me after seeing my album being promoted on the subway tv’s care of Wimp.de. Heheh…

Germany’s most widely read newspaper with a readership of over 2 million gave Break the Balance a wonderful review.

It’s album of the month in Kulturnews, comparable to Metro if you are a Torontonian.

Anyway, enough of that. If you are interested I’ve attached a bunch of articles below.

But now we’re driving down to Twin Butte. It’s grey and the sky blends into the snowy plains. I’m sick and so is Sam. After tonight’s show we have about 45 hours of driving ahead of us. The drive will be cut somewhere near Winnipeg where we will sleep and then pick up a dog for my Mom, head to Thunder Bay where Sam will be leaving us to catch a flight to Toronto for some of her solo shows. Then Aly and I race to New Liskeard in Northern Ontario for one last rural show. Lets hope we go out with a bang, and when I say bang, I mean happy bang like fireworks not like car explosion.

Speaking of cars, Aly’s dear Texan Toyota 4 Runner, Betty, has held up through this winter wonderland, summer tires and all. I will excuse her for the few near ditch experiences. However, driving so much leaves me a lot of time to have had daily morbid thoughts of us flying off the road or oncoming traffic swerving into us. Yes driving this much can make you a little loopy. Just think of those truckers…

So where have we been?

Here’s a little map.

[googlemaps https://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=new+york&daddr=Chicago,+IL,+USA+to:St+Paul,+MN,+USA+to:Regina,+SK,+Canada+to:Edmonton,+AB,+Canada+to:Sherwood+Park,+AB,+Canada+to:Fort+Saskatchewan,+AB,+Canada+to:Fort+McMurray,+AB,+Canada+to:st+paul,+alberta+to:Pierceland,+SK,+Canada+to:Meadow+Lake,+SK,+Canada+to:Turtleford,+SK,+Canada+to:North+Battleford,+SK,+Canada+to:Leipzig,+SK,+Canada+to:Lloydminster,+AB,+Canada+to:Camrose,+AB,+Canada+to:Twin+Butte,+AB,+Canada+to:Regina,+SK,+Canada+to:Winnipeg,+MB,+Canada+to:thunder+bay+to:New+Liskeard,+Temiskaming+Shores,+ON,+Canada+to:toronto&geocode=FXFAbQIdK8KW-yk7CD_TpU_CiTFi_nfhBo8LyA%3BFWICfwIdGuDG-inty_TQPCwOiDEAwMAJrabgrw%3BFWfwrQIdWo9z-imfN-nkztSyUjEpLto_0pFyyA%3BFcLgAQMdNdTD-SnrPaX7QB4cUzGxVHu3ljJKNQ%3BFcUFMQMdEUQ8-Skj_96ARSKgUzFdFfZKDKAfQQ%3BFVj5MAMdiD4_-Sm9bFRJQhOgUzHp40At2dNn5A%3BFWxoMwMdho9A-Sn5cCzWCUWgUzGaV3lrjQI_VQ%3BFWyTYQMdi3hc-SlZRBr_7jqwUzG3dMoNMzOBXA%3BFczWNwMdt8Rd-Sn1ftluHTmnUzGNzRqvzzuR6g%3BFfI2PQMdzO10-SnncfuFftmnUzGbI0IHq0NV9w%3BFdv7OQMdBoWJ-Sktc4TgwCuoUzHw42dhDvbOTA%3BFcqiLgMdRG2B-Sm9OHo8k3gIUzGibgTr7eZmqQ%3BFRtOJQMdEIOL-SkltbLOMwQGUzHjN9GdcIgusg%3BFbpCHAMdZrmF-Sl1-KCimhQPUzGDuqV1XaX1Jw%3BFQr1LAMdf3Bx-SnD7aoObq4JUzE0xu1s2q0oBg%3BFfwNKQMdSl9G-SlbOxs4xLsKUzFIOn9tRXziFQ%3BFcet7wId0ac2-SnlAAJvr2xvUzFcVa3BHMSNTQ%3BFcLgAQMdNdTD-SnrPaX7QB4cUzGxVHu3ljJKNQ%3BFepo-QIdqsw1-ikRKxr5-3PqUjFkyrnG-hoqKw%3BFd874gIdPjCu-imN6RZMdyFZTTF0ix2PNFcFPQ%3BFRrt1AIdNkRA-yk9FZg_QnomTTFFa_FhShnOzg%3BFWoYmgIdcLVE-ymlO8bXkMvUiTF3xLQqUFU1Mg&aq=&sll=45.95115,-92.680664&sspn=15.122588,39.506836&hl=en&mra=ls&ie=UTF8&ll=48.72108,-94.026075&spn=16.01392,40.04249&t=m&output=embed&w=800&h=350]

In summary , thanks to Homeroutes we’ve gone from families with kids, babies, gates, dogs, toys and no time but wonderful spirits, to super strong wood chopping, skiing single independent, divorced, self sufficient women. Heard of the inspirational nature of nursing and dealing with birth and death to stories of claims made by First Nations in Saskatchewan to a judge’s stories of spousal abuse. From recording studios hidden in the forest in a log cabin, to sauna’s and rehab centers located in ghost towns named after German cities I’d just come from, Bed and Breakfasts, to Quonsets where we had to keep our coats and gloves on to play but were happy to because of the stuffed bear in the background cheering us on. Gone from looking crazy but making truckers smile by running around gas stations to give our stiffened bodies a little movement and get our blood flowing to tobogganing and flying off jumps ending in one sprained hip, bruises and a day in the ER. We’ve relaxed by the woodstove, fires nearly everywhere mesmerizing us and stealing away our pressured thoughts, slept more than usual, taken a bath together, eaten the best meats and the most delicious cooking and a years worth of cookies. We’ve surprised people by our height, and shocked Chinese women in mono-cultured towns by our familiarity with pad thai and tofu and our tolerance for spicy foods. We’ve heard endless gossip about the other artists who passed through these homes, about other hosts, gotten to know countless people and their personal stories because we are just stopping by for one night. We’ve collected 12 wireless passwords, weirded out hosts by our Mac obsession, been told we are better than Justin Bieber by 3 fashionista little girls, had a dogs interrupt our shows with barking, howling and once in excitement over Aly’s new song, throwing up. We’ve written new songs, played old ones too many times, embarrassed ourselves on stage, censored ourselves in front of children, or seemingly conservative audience members, made up stories, elaborated on stories and tried to forget some stories.

All this in two weeks after nearly 2 months of similarly disparate stories from touring in Germany and Switzerland with my dear Davide Santi who I miss over here, I am anxious to make it home but with 40 hours of driving ahead of us, it seems far far away.