Freiburg Family, Stuttgard Near Death, Koln Techno


Played an open mic tonight with Aly.
Trying to fill every showless day with music.
Walking home alone recapping on the days and nights events and the weeks passed.
What a daze. What a haze.
So much experienced, eaten, spoken, sung, all of which is only now beginning to be consolidated.
How many days walked though monumental cities, with feet sinking into themselves and my mind over saturated with inspiration.  A little quite time doesn’t hurt.

Lets piece together what my big eyes have witnessed:

Week one:

Family in Freiburg.
Felix’s parents take care of you better than could ever be expected.
His sister, brother-in-law with their insanely adorable children, one of whom – the youngest – wears a grandfathers grimace and has been nick named the “Russian Customs Officer” with his most commonly spoken word being “NEIN” (no in English)

Day trip to Basil, visiting some designy museum, a grouping of little houses piled atop of each other, inside white with displays of super designer furnature…an adults playground.

Felix’s parents were sweet enough to lend us their car for 3 weeks of the tour. Luckily I don’t know how to drive stick!

Stuttgart show in fun house:
Playing for 200 people in a crazy artists paradise with magical figures moving, lit up with colour, seemingly alive, giant chairs, paintings, life in an abandoned train wagon, candles, flowers, hairdressers at hand to fix your stray hairs or recreate you in an instant, music lovers sharing something special, all put together by an incredibly caring concert promoter, Reiner Bocka.[youtube=]

Included was a queens breakfast at Reiner’s Cafe Galao with the other performers following a cuddly night atop a bed of sheep skins (much cozier than our original plan to sleep in the car)

Off to Cologne:
Picking up a close friend Ayshe Galle for the next 2 weeks of our tour, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris.  Ayshe has always made out Cologne to sound quaint, down to earth, just lovely. However, somehow we happened to fall into this city during the techno season. At every corner another techno beat rattled your brain while teeny boppers on E danced starry-eyed.