Album Release Germany / Chloe’s Lesson of the Day!


I am over here yet again (Germany) about to tour my new album, Break the Balance.  For those of you outside of Germany, Austria or Switzerland, you won’t be finding the album till January.  I just got my shipment of CD’s from the label and am ecstatic!  They look amazing and better yet, sound AWESOME!  I’m a happy camper indeed!

I have thus far had a couple interviews with some music magazines over here, Jazzthing and Jazzthetik, had my video for Business on rotation on German TV on Yavidoo TV

Remember that video?  If you want to own the single (only for Germans, Swiss and Austrians) you can find it on iTunes.


I have a few more days of relaxation and then I start the tour in Basel, Switzerland with Davide Santi, violinist from Milan. What have I been up to over here?

Chloe’s Lesson of the Day:

Never skimp on travel. An extra couple hundred could save your hours or days of mental strain which can lead to extreme disorientation, stolen patience, lost items, greasy skin, sore butt, sore shoulder syndrome, and a general dirty feeling (radiating particularly from your teeth).

As you may have guessed, I have made this mistake.  I tend to sacrifice my sanity to save a few extra dollars always thinking those extra dollars should be spent on my new album, artwork, a video, or some upcoming career related expense. I tend to forget to sometimes to put myself in front of my music career.  And to be honest, I should have learned my lesson by now because I’ve never noticed the minute money saved but I always notice the strain on my health.

By all means this trip is nowhere as ridiculous as my 48 hour bus ride from Austin to Toronto.  I actually feared for my life on that one.

This time, flying from NY was cheaper than from Toronto and at the time I thought I’d go down, play a show and spend time with my Aly.  I’d fly out of New York to Zurich where I would then go and spend 10 days with family nearby. Then I’d fly home from Zurich, the day before having been in Milan, and back to New York where Aly, Sam and I would meet and drive across the states to Alberta for our tour (literally get picked up at the airport and continue on).

But due to unforeseen circumstances plans with my family were cancelled and I had an extra 10 days to kill and I did not want to spend them in one of the most expensive cities, by myself sad and defeated in Zurich.

My flight had a connection in Dusseldorf Germany.  I figured, hey let’s just not go to Zurich and get off in Dusseldorf, head over to Cologne, only half an hour away or perhaps catch a train to Berlin. No sense in going down to Switzerland.

Naively, I thought this would be easy but wanted to make sure I would be able to get my luggage so I called expedia.

To my alarm, after 8 hours on the phone over 2 days, a resounding NO.   Please take note: If you have a connecting flight you may NOT just ditch part of it and get off elsewhere.  One, you will not get your luggage and two, you will be considered by the computers a no show and therefore your return ticket will be canceled.

So instead I have to rebook my ticket, exactly the same one minus the connection to Zurich.  I am flying LESS miles than my original ticket but to my surprise have to pay about an extra 300.

This time, I decided to give myself a little break and just do it. I took a couple days off with my friend Ayshe and moved on hitching a 6 hour ride across Germany.   I am so so very sick of sitting.

A few days of walking should fix me up and then on to Basel, Switzerland where I meet Davide to start the 20 date tour of Germany Switzerland and Italy.

Oh and by the way, never think you can control everything.  When you do the universe smacks you in the face and laughs at you.  With 2 days till the start of our tour, the car we were going to be driving broke down.  HAHAHA.  Life is funny. Wish us luck!

Love you all!
Your Chloe