Alway keep your toothpaste and toothbrush at hand! Ireland


Just made the bus from Dublin to Dundalk (stress on the dalk not dun as we have discovered). Left Tullamore Offaly today and took the train back to Dublin. Hitched a ride from the Thatch in Rahan where we were staying and playing to Tullamore where we had to catch our train. Since a cab would have cost 14 Euro’s we decided to test our luck and venture down the road, along the canal until a car drove by. Luckily a girl was leaving her driveway as we were walking by and brought us to our train. It just so happens that the girl’s family were the original owners of the Thatch.

For the past few days, Aly and I have been going mad trying to crack the public transportation code of Ireland with the lack of information displayed online. Here you just have to be “in the know”. Instead of telling you where in town a bus stop might be, it simply tells that there is a stop somewhere in town. Trying to find where that stop is is quite a challenge and has entailed countless hours of wandering around and asking everyone who looks like they may drive a bus, take the bus, or simply just like public transportation in general.  But thanks to our detective skills, Aly and I have somehow managed to navigate our way all over this country.

On the bus back to Dublin now. Whoever said backpacking around Europe is the way to go never actually lugged backpacks around. Rollybagging around Europe is the proper way to get around for the sake of your poor spine and posture. With a guitar on my back and a freaking heavy backpack on my front I am now a meter wide and a few cm shorter.

For the next time remember:

Bring toothpaste.  Do not rely on other people to have it – they are often relying on you.
-in Tullamore, 8 musicians and no toothpaste.

Do not throw your toothbrush in the bottom of your bag. You will likely not be able to find within those few minutes in the bus station bathroom before catching the bus.
-this is the state I am in now. Never have I so desired to brush my teeth.

You only need one pair of pants. Any more creates confusion. One funky outfit for big cities and one pretty outfit for the small towns will ensure you win over all types – the indie hipsters and the seniors.

Sleep shorts: small enough not to take up space. Makes crashing at random’s houses less uncomfortable.
-not everyone is comfortable with nudity?

Don’t bother with jewelry. You will lose it.
-At least I have one earring left.

Always let people know you are a broke touring musician. They will be impressed and feel sorry for you at the same time.
-countless drinks, meals, rides and accommodation and advice accumulated through           this method.