Amazing show at Hugh’s last night – New Album on it’s way! NXNE


Quick update.  The show last night was spectacular.  Thank you everyone for coming out.  Thank you to my musicians, Sam McLellan, Kelly Lefaive and Mackenzie Longpre.  They are something special and everyone there knew it.

On top of that, I was surprised with flowers 2 bouquet’s of flowers one from Alina  Vorobeychik  and one from Lisa Davidson-Hogg and Howie Hogg,  new supporters I’d never met.  So so so very much appreciated.

The CBC came out to record the evening to record the show for Canada Live.  It was quite funny to me.  They were absolutely lovely while setting up but throughout the evening you would never have known they were there as they hid away in a big fat van outside listening all the while, only appearing after the show had finished.  Thanks CBC, thanks Ron Skinner for sitting outside the entire show and recording it!

It will be aired both on Canada Live Radio 2 and Garvia Bailey’s show, Big City Small World Radio 1.  I’ll keep you posted as to when!

Last night I also set free those tracks from long ago, the album entitled Souvenir.  If you are interested I am selling them for $5 if you can catch me in person and all of the proceeds are going to the new album.  The album should be up on iTunes this week.

Right, speaking of new albums, the dates for recording the new album are set.  I will be recording in July just outside of Toronto.  For more details and the promotional video please go here and read on!

I have done a mad fundraising campaign morphed into a crazy video for you…Hope you enjoy. If you can help in any way, you know how much I would appreciate it.  Please repost, tweet, share, whatever to get this out and about.

Last but not least.  I have been waiting until the Hugh’s show was over to mention that I am playing NXNE at the Cameron House on Thursday, June 16th at 1am.

Again, what a great evening. What a great audience.

Now for some quality time with Mom!


Love love love love