And the world didn’t end…Happy New Year!


I was a little disappointed when I woke up the day after the world was supposed to end. Thinking that it had, I woke up to some sort of afterlife and realized I hadn’t gained any superpowers. I had, of course, expected that my afterlife would entail a little more than a cup of coffee and a banana.

Where was my harem of masseuses? Why wasn’t I weightless, flying, telepathic, with telekinesis, surrounded by sushi, avocados, hummus, loris, koalas, and all fuzzy animals purring and cuddling me on a bed that knows my body better than I do, with a cup of coffee with a shot of baileys, overlooking the ocean in 25 degree sunshiney weather with the ability to teleport when I wiggled my nose?


Yeah so I was kinda pissed. Thanks for getting me all excited you fanatics!

Oh well, so life goes on.

Now lets be serious, life has been really good to me this year.

I’ve travelled across Canada, the USA, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, visited Austria, London, Mallorca with the people I love, constantly reuiniting with more people I love and finding new people to fall in love with….And this is all in the name of business!!

I like my career choice. But don’t get me wrong, I kick my ass and will continue to this year.

For all my friends I wish you a wonderful 2013 with lots of love, belly aching laughter, inspiration and whatever it is you care about! Let 2013 rock your world!

Love Chloe