Berlin Babies and Amsterdam Aches


On the ferry from Wales to Ireland.
Spent the day on the train from London to Holy Head Wales.

So, thus far, I have slept on the deck in the sun, the warm metal warming my back like a heating blanket and the cool water chilled breeze brushing over my naked ankles. It looks like the weather in Ireland will be a few degrees cooler than in London. Regretfully, Aly, being a Texas girl came prepared for summer without any pants or sweaters and was surprised by the fall like temperatures we are facing.

Once the chilled breeze woke me from my slumber, we ventured downstairs to continue my sleep in the Food emporium. Surrounded by screaming children, my dreams were interspersed with their giddy screeches.

Perhaps that was the right time to get up. That brings us to now, a dozy drugged Chloe catching you up on her adventures.

I realize I said I would continue writing tomorrow, but as you may have noticed, tomorrow has turned into about 2 weeks later.

Regardless, this past 2 weeks have seemed like a day.


So where was I?

In Koln I played a surprisingly good house concert to a group of people I didn’t believe would be responsive to my music. However, playing once again reminded me of the uselessness of being negative.

After Koln we drove to Berlin, Ayshe, Felix and I. Felix drove thankfully.
In Berlin we stayed with one of Felix’s uni friends, Uli, and Patrick in the middle of young family town. We were in Prinzlaurerberg where the highest density of children exists in all of Europe (according to Uli). I wouldn’t doubt it. We pondered over the state of this quarter in 10 years when it is overrun with teenyboppers. Scary place.

Each morning was filled with quaint little cafes where I ordered milchcafe and a nice platter of brotchen (buns), kaser (cheeze) and lecker fleisch (yummy meats). Occasionally when I felt like being healthy I would opt for my favourite, yogurt and muesli. MMMmmm.

Days spent walking around the entire city, sight-seeing (often consisting of architecturally pleasing buildings for the 2 architects of our crew, Felix and Uli). Tension rose however, between Uli and Ayshe – 2 strong-minded friends who left Felix and I rolling our eyes.

The house concert for me, organized by the sweet Martino Sacchi was a hit. In a lovely but small pristine white Berlin flat with a bunch of Italians and architects we all sweltered in the midst of a killer heat wave. Unamplified music requires much attention, no fans, and no open windows to the outside traffic so the lot of us were all dripping.

What an intimate evening!

Berlin was an especially important time for me. After not seeing my father for nearly five years, it just so happened that he and my stepmother were in Berlin at the same time. Lucky for me they brought an incredibly kind crew from Mallorca over and all came to my concert at Ae in Neukoln.

The room was packed, people in the hall, people watching through the window. What an attentive crowd. I can’t help but thrive in that environment. Sadly, as much as we would have wanted to stay and hang, we were all plucked up by my Dad and step mom for dinner at the Estrel Hotel.

Berlin is perhaps my favourite city. Filled with young creative people who love life and live life. People go out with no resistance and want to be part of the development of rising artists. So many galleries, free, or super cheap, cheap food, cheap drinks, cheap partying, cheap metro! My kind of place! Will we move here next year? Perhaps.

From Berlin we hit the road again and were off to Amsterdam, not to play any concerts but to simply have a good time, Chloe, Felix, Uli and Ayshe. We arrive in the evening and are shocked to find out that we should have booked our hostel ahead of time. At last we find one, where we all sleep in separate shared rooms with youngins we don’t know. Oh well, just a bed right?

What did we do in Amsterdam? Well, we walked a lot in the blazing sun, rented Dutch bikes (cruisers), ate lots of ice cream and got in cycling accidents (well Ayshe’s 3 accidents were enough for all of us).

To our surprise, Amsterdam goes to bed pretty early. On a Saturday night, the city died at 1am.


Yet again, I am pooped from writing. I have a lot to catch you up on since I have been a slacker. But it will have to wait again till tomorrow. Hehe.

We will be docking soon in Dublin. Luckily Aly and I met a lovely lady, Ciara, at a show in London who is willing to put us up for the night. For the rest of the time though, we will be winging it. Cross your fingers for us.

Till later (bis spaeter)