Berlin in Love…7 days of Kickstarter


To begin, I want to yet again mention our K campaign.  With only 7 days left we have nearly $500 more to raise, not including the $500 that Kickstarter will deduct for using their platform.  In reality, that means we need to raise $1000 to actually get the full $5000.

If you want to help out or know someone who might, send this link along:



I am with Sam Mclellan, Aly Tadros and Douglas Jay Boyd – the 4 of us making up the Sweetness or as we say in German, Die Süßigkeit, Die Susse, oder (or) Die Sussen.  Was ist deine Lieblings (What is your favourite?).

Last night was our kick off show here in Europe.  After travelling or 24 hours to get to Stuttgart we arrived 2 nights ago to be greeted by a fantastic party hosted for us by a clown…

Yes a clown…

Last night was Silent Friday’s a monthly concert series hosted in an abandoned train station.  Last year I played on the tracks and was greeted by a slow-moving train (WATCH).  This year we shared the night with Steven Finn a musician from London and some other awesome musicians.  Reiner Bocka, the mastermind behind Silent Friday loves to keep the nights interesting adding his own special flare.  This  time music was interspersed with juggling, clowns, fire throwers, and aerial dancers and of course numerous elegant candles, one of which turned my hair into a huge fire-ball.
No worries, I was fine, just a little singed, a little less hair and a rich burn aroma wafting from my head.

We closed the night out and were encored.  What an incredible feeling.  When we finished around 2 am still playing to a packed warehouse, we raced over to our merch table and couldn’t work fast enough to sell cd’s and all 4 sign them.  What a great kind of chaos!

We are now in Berlin, have played 2 shows, with 2 more to go.
We arrived here after almost no sleep, absolutely no sleep for Douglas and Sam.  Poor Douglas is the only one who can drive because us gals don’t know how to drive stick.  Hahaha…Sucks for him, Great for us!

After breakfast with Reiner at Cafe Galao we drove 6 hours, entertaining Doug with fantastical stories of Turtles with delicate shells with strange addictions – Yes my brain is odd.

Directly to our house concert destination in Kreuzberg, Berlin for Sofa Salon, a concert series put on by Mrs. Sam around Berlin.  It was incredible, totally packed, filled with architect friends of mine from my times in Weimar, Germany who I hadn’t seen in a long while.  What a beautiful surprise.  One friend in particular, drove all the way from Vienna Austria to see me.  I love these people.  We sold piles of CD’s and are starting to realise that we will need to manufacture more.  What a bummer eh?  Hahahaha!

Out with the architecture crew, we went to a private party crammed with sleek designer types, thick framed glasses and lots of beer!
I was very proud of myself because  I spoke tons of German!

Next day we met some friends for breakfast, had coffee at a cute Berlin Cafe outside in the sun, then ate at an adorable, tiled, Turkish restaurant, shared a plate of the must scrumptious lecker bisschens.

Met up with our producer at his studio here in Berlin.  Yes Gordon has a studio here as well.

Had a video interview with Ae, the venue we will be playing on Wed.  I had an afternoon Bier (beer).  Hmmm lecker (yummy).

And then off to our show at Joe’s Bar in Prinzlauerberg, a quarter in Berlin that has the highest rate of births across Europe.  Just imagine it in 10 years when they are all teenagers…ICK!! Chaos!!

The show was attended by my extended family, how how very sweet.
Bettina and Mark, are cousins of mine and amazing with 2 children who never let them sleep, so coming out for them was a BIG deal!
Mark is a fantastic photographer here in Berlin, Captivation Life Photography, and offered to do a photoshoot of The Sweetness tomorrow.  Bettina designs gorgeous jewelry although having kids slowed that down a little.
Sebastian, another cousin, and his girlfriend also came.  He is quite the established graphic designer in Berlin and around Europe, owner of Bank. Meeting him to discuss our brand.  Sounds so very strategic but it is necessary.  Any ideas?  Let us know!

Today is a day off….well almost.

One of my favourite people in the world is Ayshe Galle, a genius in everything creative.  We met in Toronto on the bus when she noticed that I was reading a German book.   It just so happened that we ended up in the same university in the same painting class and ta da!  Again, fate finds me!

We are staying with her and she is tonight having an exhibition of her art.  She is a darling and invited us to provide the music for this evening.  Can’t wait!

Oh P.S.  We have decided as of last night to come to Berlin after the UK for 4 weeks from the end of April to the end of May!  Spontaneity leads to brilliance!!  We are going to sublet a place here, write and network our butts off and have tentative plans to record again with Gordon Raphael and perhaps some other spectacular producer.

Wherever you are in the world, I’m sure there is a show you can catch.  Please come and say hi!
Love and all that jazz.

Upcoming Release Dates Europe:

Mar 28th, Ayshe Galle Art Exhibition, Berlin, DE
Mar 30th, Ae, Berlin, DE
Apr 1st, Waldsee, Freiburg, DE
Apr 2nd, Universum, Stuttgart, DE
Apr 3rd, 59:1, Munich, DE
Apr 6th, Canadian Blast Showcase – The Garage, London, UK -tickets
Apr 8th, The Moon and Sixpence, Glossop, UK
Apr 10th, The Puzzle Hall Inn, Yorkshire, UK
Apr 11th, The Gaslight Club @ Oporto, Leeds, UK
Apr 12th, The Garage Bar, Doncaster, UK
Apr 13th, The Laugh Inn, Chester, UK
Apr 14th, The Zephyr Bar, Huddersfield, UK
Apr 15th, The Local Presents – Downstairs at The King’s Head, London, UK
Apr 16th, The Regal Room, London, UK
Apr 19th, Seven Arts, Leeds, UK
Apr 21st, The Maze, Nottingham, UK
Apr 22nd, Walker House Concert, Nottingham, UK
Apr 23rd, Cafe Tarifa, Oxford, UK
Apr 25th, The Bullington, Oxford, UK
Apr 28th/May 18th, TBA, Netherlands/Italy


June 7th, Hugh’s Room, Toronto, CA