First night in Milan and radio Interview


Spent the night in Tommaso’s studio in Milan.
Again Aly and I are left with a flat to our own.  This is now the 4th time someone has trusted us with their home.  Pretty generous eh?

Tommi had told me that Italy in August is dead because everyone disappears for vacation.  I didn’t fully comprehend what he was saying until we arrived in Milan.  Barely any people and so many stores and restaurants closed.

Today Aly and I had our radio interview and live performance on Radiopopolare ( with Davide Santi.  Last night in the car we decided on which song from the album to play on air, Progression.  However that was the one we had rehearsed with Davide.  So, from 10 to 11am I taught Davide Soldier and we made it something brilliant.  Sometimes the end result of working under pressure is better than ever.

Sanja Lucic, the radio host was so so so very sweet.

Played a concert in a blacksmith’s studio.  Were given bracelets and flowers from Luna and her friends (sweet young girls), and given home made Grappa from Pier, a lovely neighbour.


We have left Italy now.  We are now in Stuttgart with Reiner, the amazing promoter of Silent Friday and Cafe Galao.  Another spectacular evening with him.  Everything he touches is gold.

Sad to have left Italy and the new friends we have made.  Davide, the violinist and Tommi the promoter and his entire family and their group of friends made me feel so at home.  So 10 days spent in cars singing 4 part harmonies is over.  Can’t wait to come back in April.

Francesco, Tommi’s little brother, so sweet learned the lyrics to “Soldier” and sang along in the audience at every show.  Tommi joined our trio with his lovely voice and was always ready with a very sultry introduction.

Love those boys!!!

Funny thing, I have never craved physical contact so much in my life.  Those of you who know me, know I am the biggest cuddle bum in the world.  I can’t get enough affection.  Each time someone would place a hand on my shoulder or greet me with a kiss, my skin would tingle.  Of course, I coerced Francesco, to be my masseuse…hehe

Can’t wait to get back to Felix for my insatiable dose of cuddles.

Our last night we played Luca’s birthday party, got back to the house on the lake at about 4 and were up to catch our ride to Stuttgart at 9am.  The ride should have taken bout 5 hours but instead lasted a total of 10 hours.  Fun stuff!!

In the back seat in between 2 other people, stuffed under 2 guitars, I was glad my phobia was not small spaces but instead small things in groups (yes I know funny – I’ll tell you about it one day –  Just never put me near an ant hill).  Anyway, I have never felt so suffocated and hot.  Sitting on the highway between the mountains, trapped in the car, I fought for air, we all did.

But we made it at 9pm for the show at 9:30pm.  A wonderful end to 10 hours of travel.

Home in 4 days!!! Yippy!

A little late but here is some documentation of our travels in Paris!  Love to Ecki, Amanda, Uli and Ayshe!


Italian Farm house surprise! Ciao!!


Don’t have much time to write as I am too busy relaxing in the sun and about to head to the lake after an incredibly magical evening at the Sacchi house.
We arrived here after 24 hours without sleep, yet again, completely delirious yet dumbfounded by the beauty of Northern Italy.
Blue sky, mountains with white tips, lush greenery, flowers, small cobbled streets, wonderful people, wonderful family.  To add to this overstimulating magnificence was the actual Sacchi house.

Instant decompression.

Two houses, refurbished farmhouses are joined by a garden court – one house where we are staying which is Paulo’s photography studio and the other for the family.
Aly and I feel like children sleeping in 2 twin beds in an enourmous studio space with beamed ceilings 3 times our height.  Above our heads we are lulled to sleep by the sound of little, or big, critters on the roof.

We arrived like zombies had a nap, awoke to lunch with Paulo, the warm father of the house.  Don’t forget the wine!
Back to sleep for another 5 hours to awake to the grand piano being tuned and diner, again of course with fresh wine, this time red.

Then for the party, a yearly event with up to 100 guests, all bringing delicious dishes and desserts.  Oh my, so much food, so much wine.

A first for us was the Milano speciality, Negroni, a cocktail made of equal parts of gin, dry martini and campari.  Three bottles were poured over ice and generously doled out to the non-drivers of the crowd.

Whoa, what a kick in the face.  My taste buds will never cringe again at the taste of any spirit.

Tommi took such good care of us, the booker I was lucky enough to meet through Felix’s friend Martino (Tommi’s brother) in Berlin.  He introduced me to Davide Santi, an incredible violinist who wanted to collaborate with me.  What an honour.

For a few hours before the party concert we rehearsed a few songs.  Just listening makes me giddy.  If you have ever played with me you know my giggly response to strings.  It takes a few minutes to desensitize me to the sensual sound.

The concert was a hit, so romantic this place.   Music ended with a jam with an amazing trumpeter, guitarist and us.

Never thought I would sing ” Oh when the Saints come marching in” at a concert…

…and that it could actually sound good!!!

Then again, everything sounds good with drink.

Must say ciao.  We are off to the lake, followed by a rehearsal with Davide, a change of houses (to Tommi’s studio in Milan) and then to Milan for a concert.

Tomorrow, a famous radiostation, Radiopopulare, the one left station here not run by Berlusconi!


Alway keep your toothpaste and toothbrush at hand! Ireland


Bring toothpaste. Do not rely on other people to have it – they are often relying on you.
-in Tullamore, 8 musicians and no toothpaste.

Do not throw your toothbrush in the bottom of your bag. You will likely not be able to find within those few minutes in the bus station bathroom before catching the bus.
-this is the state I am in now. Never have I so desired to brush my teeth.

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Ireland…the land of pubs with WIFI


Finally found my safe place, the place I feel most comfortable in a city – a cozy cafe where I can feel free to sit on my computer and sip on a coffee or chai tea for 4 hours, where everyone is laid back and just wants to take their time, where the music isn’t pop, or rock, but something soothing, where I can relax and recoup after a stressful few days of travel and a cold.

Finally after 2 days of trying to find a way out of Ireland that doesn’t cost over 100 Euros, we bought our ticket out of here. We navigated through piles of websites, travel options, message boards, asked and asked and asked. Suddenly we had the idea to read the fine print.

Who would ever think?

Well, I guess with the pressured Irish air, our brains were a little smothered and unable to fire properly. Oh well, now we have our tickets, only 42 Euros each from Dublin to Leeds.

Thank goodness!

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Freiburg Family, Stuttgard Near Death, Koln Techno


Playing for 200 people in a crazy artists paradise with magical figures moving, lit up with colour, seemingly alive, giant chairs, paintings, life in an abandoned train wagon, candles, flowers, hairdressers at hand to fix your stray hairs or recreate you in an instant, music lovers sharing something special, all put together by an incredibly caring concert promoter, Reiner Bocka.

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