Bye bye to Aly! I miss you Canada!


First day totally solo.  Aly is on her own as well in Munich.
I woke up alone for the first time this entire trip.  2 months with someone at my side and in my bed, first my Feef (Felix) and then Aly.  I missed a good morning cuddle or pet.

I feel quite calm today.  I know this tour is coming to an end and as sad as I am, I am also so happy to return to so many of the people I love, Felix, my Mom, my Nana my aunt Leigh and all of my wonderful friends in Toronto.

I miss my morning routine with Felix – waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee, slowly coming to life with our morning chat and crazy kitten Tuula, cuddling up in our fuzzy blankets until Felix drags me to the shower or even worse, the gym (I am so out of shape here)!

I miss hosting our parties with our fabulous and crazy crew filled with music and laughs always lasting till the following morning.

When I come home, we have a goodbye party to attend for Pouya Hamidi, composer for Sacred Balance (band I sing with).  He is moving to Montreal and will be very missed as will our regular SB rehearsals!  The next day we are hosting an “I miss you all party”  which if you know me, feel free to ask for an invitation.

As much as I am looking forward to coming home, I know what I have ahead of me.  Preparation for my Oct 1st Album release at the Rivoli meaning rehearsals, poster creation and poster plastering, ticket sales (considering offering delivery service?), tour booking for November in the US with Aly, continuation of tour booking for Ontario Quebec,  CD baby junk, tunecore, many phone call meetings awaiting me,  preparation for conferences, endless tickets to book.  Whoa, hello computer screen!

However, somehow after experiencing all of this, I feel much more able to handle whatever comes to me and not so concerned with what may have seemed overwhelming to me before.

Aly has been the perfect tourmate and friend.  I feel so lucky to have met her by chance in Memphis. I never got sick of her but only grew to love her more with every new experience.  I never grew tired of her music, she only became more inspiring.  As I learned her every lyric they meant more to me.

We did miss our Doug though.

But the adventures never end…Tomorrow to Freiburg to catch a ride with Felix’s parents, Trixi and Niels, to Zürich where we will spend the day wandering and the evening at my concert at Cafe Henrici.

Countdown 3 days…Woo Hoo!!!

See ya’ll soon!