Perfection, Songwriting,Ted X & Other Updates


Nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Composition entails accepting imperfection, having the confidence to be vulnerable and opening oneself to judgment. Life’s imperfections are what make up life and flaws are what lead to progress and adaptation. When you strive for perfection you risk stagnation because mistakes and flaws need to be actualized in order to learn from, grow, develop, motivate, evolve, challenge and inspire new ideas.   My life goal has been to let go of shame and accept my humanity, live vulnerably and never dismiss an idea.  This is my compositional process.

I have dedicated this summer to songwriting.  I set out with a goal to write 30 new songs but it looks like I will end up with a ton more.  I’ve been writing by myself, with artists and producers and songwriters — soul, pop, folk, electro, whatever.  Not all of them are incredible but each and every one of them brings out something new in me.  Each and every person I write with inspires me and shows me the world through a new pair of glasses. 

I wanted to grow this summer.  I wanted a challenge.

Not that this life of touring like a mad woman isn’t challenging.  But I wanted to try something new.

How about sitting in one place for a legitimate amount of time?

Sounds different!

So here I am in Toronto living on Queen West with some of my favourite people.

Nate Daniels happens to be one of them, from the about-to-be-huge Toronto band

Toronto summers are incredible.

Outside of writing like a mad woman, of course I  had to perform just a little.

Most exciting performances:

  1. I’ll be performing at the Markham Jazz Festival right before Maceo Parker!  Um…Hello…that’s BIG!!  Friday, August 16th   7:00 pm
  1. I will be a Keynote Speaker at the 2013 Ted X Conference held in Richmond Hill.  What an honour!  Who doesn’t love Ted X?   Monday, August  12th

Oh, and of course I had to drop and shoot a couple of new music videos.

1.  Break the Balance shot by Natasha Kudashkina:

2.  And life would be boring without some crazy coloured smoke bombs and 14 dancers.  Shot by Danielle Da                  Silva, Refrain From Fire will be coming out in the fall.

So that is my life in a nutshell for summer 2013 in Toronto.

Hope you are loving your summer!

Lots of love



Thank you for your votes! I won thanks to you!


Hey there my dearest friends, fans and family!

Right now I am rocking it in Berlin taking a vacation for once visiting my Dad and Step Mom!  What a treat.  Played a great show in Kiel to keep my chops warm and boy was it lovely!  I love Prinz Willy.  It’s a fabulous venue on the North Sea.

So, as you might have heard I owe you all tons of kisses and hugs and endless love and appreciation for your generous votes and support for the Soundclash Awards.  I WON I WON I WON I WON!!

Here is a video of the actual show if you missed it and a few pics as well!

WOOO HOOO…Yes I was screaming when I found out.  I screamed so loud that my Nana thought I had been electrocuted!  Haha.

First of all, a big thank you to Harbourfront Centre Toronto for nominating me in the first place, to the judges who chose me and to all of you fantasico-fabulouso-awesomoso-wunderschoen-encroyable-wunderbar-lovely lovely people out there who voted.

With you I won!  We won and I love you all!

Also big thanks to CBC Here and Now for promoting the showcase by making my unreleased track “Song of the Week”, to Guild Guitars USA for promoting to their fan base and of course for their beautiful guitars of which I played at the Awards, to the blog “Toronto is Awesome” for the shout out, to Tika Simone for her fabulous introduction and to OPOPOP, Rich Kidd, Progress and the Rebel Alliance, Gyles, and LAL for their incredible music.

If you happen to be in Toronto for August 31st and want to join me, there is a great big celebration at Harbourfront Centre, West Jet Stage (the super huge dauntingly awesome one) and I am performing around 9pm.  I am one happy girl and would love to celebrate with you and show you all my appreciation.  This award will help big time with the financing of this new album so thank you.

I really feel lucky to have you all.  Toronto you have been good to me.  And all you kick ass people around the world rooting for me, I will give you a hug when I see you!  Hopefully sooner than later!

Not to mention, if you didn’t make it to the Beaches Jazz Festival, here are som pics. What a ball that was!  I love my band.  Have I mentioned that yet?  Hehe.

Alright my darlings, see you somewhere super soon!  Keep in touch and keep up with my dates so we have the chance to say hi!

Again, love you all and thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!
Kisses Chloe

Shangri La, Cabaret and a Music Video!


Just back from Kentucky where Sam and I spent one solid week doing pre production at Shangri la Studio’s with producer Duane Lundy and Justin Craig. What a bubble of musical insanity and freakishly good vibes.  Vague eh?

Well you’ll just have to keep posted on the album’s progress!

In my spare time, I created this video for Progression from Little Green Bud while in Lexington.

Douglas and Aly met up with us in Lexington after a week on the road doing their solo and duo shows.  We all had a big snuggle and hit the road, driving 12 hours straight to Toronto where we arrived last night at about 2am.  Everyone crashed on the nearest surface in our downtown abode and rolled out slowly today to be dressed for a night of cabaret by Fashion Crimes Toronto.

What for?

HELLO!!! It’s our Album Release on SATURDAY at THE RIVOLI!!!! 8:30pm

With Sacred Balance and Tropicallia!!!


Don’t forget!

Love and insanity

Moms are a priceless commodity!


Here I am north of Toronto in rural Ontario, visiting my Mom.  It’s been a while since we have spent time alone together.  Being on the road and leading such a chaotic Toronto life, we rarely get in QT.  Believe me it was needed!

Why are Moms great, mine especially?

Well, no matter how stressed I feel or how much I think I MUST do now, I can’t help but turn into a bowl of porridge in her presence.   My Mom can cast a sleepy spell on me, anywhere, anytime.

…and when those guilty feelings arise all she need do is give me the permission to take a break, the holy word of Mom.

What else?

She feeds me well…let’s me sleep in….is interested in everything I’m doing.

She lets me be the slob, lazy, needy me I often need to be.

But MOSTLY, because my Mom is an interesting, lively, intelligent, quirky, hilarious, beautiful person who makes me happy.

That’s all back to Mom and nature!

P.S.  Don’t forget The Sweetness album release is just over 2 weeks away.  For more details and to RSVP click HERE!

The Sweetness Album Release!!!



I have been home for three weeks, just recovered from North By Northeast Music Festival in Toronto, a weekend of fabulous chaos where I played both a solo showcase as well as with Sacred Balance a Toronto/Montreal band I’ve been fronting for the past year.  If you are here in Toronto I hope you too put sleeping off until this week.


I have lots to look forward to over the next couple of months…

1) Most pertinent is “The Sweetness” album release at The Rivoli.  If you’ve been following my progress and adventures you’d know all about this coming-together.  Aly and Douglas will be making their trip up to Canada from Austin Texas for the very first time so I want this celebration to be super special.
If you still want to know what we are all about, mark Saturday July 16th in your calendar with a big star!

To make this show even better we have themed it cabaret style.  If you come in costume cover is $8 instead of $10.

Who else will be playing?

You must know Sacred Balance?  Well we will be doing an acoustic set, still danceable.  This will warm up to the evening’s party finally, Tropicallia, a Brazilian band to conclude the night in uninhibited fun!

2) In 10 days I head to Lexington Kentucky for some album pre production with producer Duane Lundy.  Again, I am raising funds for this album so if you want to contribute visit this website about the album:  And a big thank you to those of you who have already generously contributed.  AMAZING!

3) Heading out on tour again from Toronto, Peterborough, Ottawa and Montreal to Boston, New York, New Jersey, Washington……Memphis, Louisville, Chicago…Austin…and eventually back in September. Hopefully, I’ll see you on the road.

4) The Hugh’s Show Concert on June 7th will be aired for the first time on CBC’s Big City Small World on July 23rd.  It will also be aired by CBC Canada Live nationally later this year.

5) I have released a lo-fi album entitled “Souvenir”, the first 12 songs I ever wrote.  All proceeds from this album go to the upcoming album.  You can find the album on iTunes, Amazon.  And of course, if you don’t already have it, “Little Green Bud” can be found at the same locations.

6) Fun Fact. Not her biggest fan but ended up getting to go to Lady Gaga’s Much Music Video Awards After Party.  Of course she didn’t attend but her dancers and band did, all of whom were incredible.  Things turned into a jam and I ended up singing with her band but don’t worry, I didn’t become popafied.

Hope to see you in a top hat at The Sweetness release.  To RSVP go to the Facebook event.  If you support what I do, please share the invite to your friends and spread the word.  Every little bit helps a whole lot!

Lots of love and shenanigans

Amazing show at Hugh’s last night – New Album on it’s way! NXNE


Quick update.  The show last night was spectacular.  Thank you everyone for coming out.  Thank you to my musicians, Sam McLellan, Kelly Lefaive and Mackenzie Longpre.  They are something special and everyone there knew it.

On top of that, I was surprised with flowers 2 bouquet’s of flowers one from Alina  Vorobeychik  and one from Lisa Davidson-Hogg and Howie Hogg,  new supporters I’d never met.  So so so very much appreciated.

The CBC came out to record the evening to record the show for Canada Live.  It was quite funny to me.  They were absolutely lovely while setting up but throughout the evening you would never have known they were there as they hid away in a big fat van outside listening all the while, only appearing after the show had finished.  Thanks CBC, thanks Ron Skinner for sitting outside the entire show and recording it!

It will be aired both on Canada Live Radio 2 and Garvia Bailey’s show, Big City Small World Radio 1.  I’ll keep you posted as to when!

Last night I also set free those tracks from long ago, the album entitled Souvenir.  If you are interested I am selling them for $5 if you can catch me in person and all of the proceeds are going to the new album.  The album should be up on iTunes this week.

Right, speaking of new albums, the dates for recording the new album are set.  I will be recording in July just outside of Toronto.  For more details and the promotional video please go here and read on!

I have done a mad fundraising campaign morphed into a crazy video for you…Hope you enjoy. If you can help in any way, you know how much I would appreciate it.  Please repost, tweet, share, whatever to get this out and about.

Last but not least.  I have been waiting until the Hugh’s show was over to mention that I am playing NXNE at the Cameron House on Thursday, June 16th at 1am.

Again, what a great evening. What a great audience.

Now for some quality time with Mom!


Love love love love


Home Sweet Home!


Howdy Ya’ll,

I’m finally back in the T Dot…hehe..

After 18 hours of travel, more if you included traveling from Switzerland to the Frankfurt airport, 8 painstaking hours in a plane stuck in front of a little girl with restless leg syndrome, 2 wonderful parties, and an extreme bout of food poisoning, I am beginning to return to my world here in Toronto.

Of course, knowing me and my sensitive body I get sick the second I can actually afford to. Bodies sure are smart aren’t they!

Feeling nauseous as my welcome home party came to an end, with my super brain power I refused to let it get the best of me. I concentrated on all of you wonderful people.

But no more than 1 second after the last people left, I bolted for the bathroom to bring up all of the lovely food my friends had brought. Excuse my graphic nature. You of weak stomaches would likely find me grotesque. I will censor myself for you.

So now I am home, coming to the reality of what must be accomplished with focus on my album release. If you are reading this I do hope ever so much that you will be attending. Shall be dandy!

For this show I am preselling tickets in order to ease some of the last-moment-stress. I am trying to be a good little planner and spread a thin layer ever so evenly (mental picture of cheese whiz in Kraft ad).

So if you want to help me spread that cheese out and you plan on coming out to The Rivoli on Friday October 1st, I will have my site all ready with tickets to sell asap.  Once you order them I will send you a cute package in the mail with my personally designed tickets. Or if you know me, I am willing to personally deliver (I love my bike and need some exercise).

But for now, read here’s the flyer. Mark it on your calendar with a big pigeon!