Chloe’s lesson of the day: Driving in Germany


Lessons on European driving:

If you plan on driving around Europe you will quickly realize just how expensive gas is.  We in North America are complaining but in comparison we have it quite good.  So there are a couple of ways  around that.  Find yourself a car that either takes Erdgas (methanol) or as we have, LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas or otherwise known as propane).  It’s less than half as much as normal gas.  Sounds fabulous right?  Well, it is a little more work than just going to the gas station and tanking up.  Davide has taken on the role of LPG gas finder.  In Switzerland there is only about one station per city with LPG and it’s not so simple to find when you don’t know where you are going.  Thank god for Navi’s.  In Basel, we found it almost effortlessly with the help of some locals.

Then we figured we’d fill up again in Lausanne after the Radio Suisse Interview.  However, after searching for an extra 30 min we finally found it, not at a normal gas station but some strange factory and of course we got there 5 min after closing.  So we tanked up with normal gas.

Then we decide oh, when we’re in Stuttgart we’ll surely find some.  It is much more common in Germany and Italy than in Switzerland (obviously they have more money so don’t concern themselves with cheap gas).

Another way to save on travel is to get an account with the very famous Mitfahrgelegenheit (rideshare) website where you can post your travels and pick up paying passengers.

So today was one of those days.  We had 2 passengers to pick up at 2:45 and then along the way at 3:10.  Thinking it would take an extra 10 min to get gas we, left at 2:30 got to the gas station and it had erdgas not LPG so the attendant directed us to a station that did.  The next gas station has our beloved LPG but the nozzle for the LPG gas was too big.  Thinking they must have some sort of adapter, we go in to ask but no, they do not.  You must have your own adapter.  Seems that different countries have different LPG nozzle sizes.  Seems a little dumb no?

So we’re now like 30 min late in picking up our passengers and for me being late is one of the worst things possible.  I get so panicky.  Really it’s quite ridiculous.

So we raced to pick up our first passenger and then HAD to get gas because we had been running on empty for too long.  We were told of one more place on the way to the autobahn so we went to some strange parking lot where there was a tank without an attendant and only  a credit card insert.  Again the nozzle was too big.  Ok so now we NEED gas or our car will die on the side of the road, or even worse, autobahn where dying due to lack of gas is a fine of 500 Euros.  Yes do NOT ever let that happen in Germany!!

So off to a normal gas station where surprise surprise, they’ve run out of gas? INSANE.

Off to the next.  Finally….we have gas but are 45 min late and totally frustrated.  But at least we’ve learned.

Oh what is gained from travelling!

Bis bald!
Yours, Chloe