Don’t eat garlic before an important interview.


My day today:  Breakfast in Germany, lunch in Austria and dinner in Switzerland.

This tour may have been more spaced out with less shows and more time to unwind but in reality the days off didn’t end up being days off.

They have been days filled with interviews with great magazines and fabulous German radio stations.  What a whirlwind.

I had a long and leisurely interview with Uwe Golz from Deutschland Radio in Berlin – a national station. He said, play as many or as few songs as you’d like.  Never have I had such a relaxed interview and especially on such an important station! If I remember correctly, Deutschland Radio is the oldest station in Germany and was actually an American station following WWII.

I also had one with Jazzthetik, now out in print where they say my tourmate Davide Santi is Iranian and not Italian (Whoops).

One with Jazzthing which is also now out in print where they call me British (Haha).

One with ByteFM in Hamburg.  I now even have the teeshirt and have been wearing it way too often.  Check out the interview online.

And then many more little tidbits here and there.

At Mephisto Radio in Leipzig.

Though the funniest interview was with Radio Eins, Berlin and Brandenburgs biggest station. The interview was a lot of fun and the announcer certainly pried a little but hey I guess that’s what makes for a good interview. If you listen to the podcast, you’ll hear me wordless for a few moments when he asks me “What is your lesson of the day today?” having read my last blog post”.  Hmmm I sad “gas”.  And as the word tumbled out of my mouth I realized just how hilarious that sounded.  (If you want to know what I was referencing read my last posting on LPG gas)

But funny story, we had been wanting to make hummus for weeks and finally we acquired all the tools and ingredients to make it.  I won’t name names but SOMEBODY put a tad too much garlic in and not so finely blended so some of us ended up munching down on whole cloves.  Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE garlic but I suddenly realized, SHIT, I have an interview and now reak of garlic.  On the way there, we had to keep the windows opened because the garlic scent was so strong and even making the garlic eaters nauseous.

The interview went really well (minus the gas story) and we left hoping nobody noticed.

That interview was followed by another very thorough interview with TAILGLOBAL at Ae in Neukoln, where we were about to play.

Ok so the show was great.  Davide and I were lucky enough to be graced with Callum Jennings presence on stage.  Callum is a Torontonian classical bassist who had just moved to Berlin to continue studying.  I begged him to come play with us and boy am I ever happy I did.  He is incredible.

Just check out our first rehearsal singing the Ninja Funk Orchestra/ Chloe Charles collaboration “Fans”.  And yes it is that complicated for the dear string instruments and of course we fumble around and I scream my face off ubt look at them kill it so early on.   Bahaha FUN!


OK so the show ends and the father of the hummus maker says to his son, “what did you feed those guys, They REAK of garlic.”  Oh god, how embarrassing.  Immediately we realize that these poor interviewers have probably been breathing through their mouths and trying to be polite in our presensce.

So next time someone asks me what my lesson of the day is I”ll say “ Don’t eat garlic before an important interview.”

And now I leave you with a few pics. Love ya’ll!