Cheers to the next chapter in my musical story!


A few days ago, I was busy at my computer, typing away, working on the tedious but necessary tasks involved in my career, trying to plan this release as if it was any other show.  Suddenly, it dawned on me that this is not JUST any other show.  It’s probably THE most important show of my musical career up to date.

Sometimes I am so busy looking into the future, planning, planning, planning and working, or  OVER-working myself,  that I forget to pay attention to the present.  But, hey, the present is so awesome!

I have worked so incredibly hard, particularly the past 2 years, touring, writing, recording, booking, getting sick, picking minds, meeting characters, driving, flying, jumping in rivers, lakes, oceans, crying, laughing, dancing in the dark, dancing in the streets, dressing up, sharing clothes, running out of clothes, running out of underwear, driving, flying, driving and more driving, following the summer, and sunsets, and sunrises, not sleeping enough, eating awesome food, getting food poisoning, and of course doing stupid wild things such as running naked in the streets of  Kentucky  in the midst of a tornado, with The Sweetness.

I have been at the wrong place at the wrong time.  For example, at the scene of 2 shootings (guns, not cameras) on my U.S. tours. What did I learn from this?  Do not venture into parties in foreign towns with total strangers (especially not in the States).

I have sung on mountains, hiked up mountains, been followed by a German film crew, eaten too much German bratwurst, lost too many things to even remember, forgotten my computer, forgotten my guitar, nearly forgot my head, spent months living off of 15 cent noodles, avocados, hummus and oatmeal; all the while breathing in and mixing together every experience.

In 2 years I think I lived 6 and now I have something to show for it.  I am so proud of this album and I hope you will love it too.  In this industry it seems nothing is finite, nothing is ever finished. You are always crossing out and adding to the list of probabilities and possibilities.  But … an album is one of the few things that can be finished.  It is a culmination of creative minds, determination, support from fans and friends, stories, wishes, turmoil, bliss, love, motivation, inspiration and hard work.  It’s something I can hold in my hand in a nice little package signifying a new chapter in my life.

There are a lot of people I want to thank at the release.  I am so lucky to have so many incredible people around me. I don’t know how I got so lucky.

I hope I’ll see you at the Revival for my first full-length Album Release (already released in Germany) AND I hope you will take a copy of my CD home with you, because music is not just sound –  it is physical, it has colour and shape, and you lose a lot of this when you merely download mp3s.  The CD is a tangible memento from a special evening and, for me, February 13th, 2013 will always be memorable.  In my hometown Toronto, with some of my favourite people in the world, playing on stage with my best friends and then, of course, partying!

Please come and celebrate with me the next chapter of my musical story!

Love you all!

A here’s a little snippet of the album, Break the Balance…

And by the way Dr. Draw will be opening the night up with some mind blowing tunes.