Guild Guitars welcomes your little Chloe to the family!!!!


So the word is out: I am officially part of the Guild Guitars family (check out my artist profile)!!  Now for the story…

3 years ago my music career began.  I graduated from Glendon College, York University with a bilingual Honours degree in Psychology.  In 2006 I decided that I wanted to be a musician, took a year off, went on a soul/ r& B path and in 2007 I realized that that was not my path.  I finished my degree and thought about what to do.  In 2008 I decided that I needed a guitar.  My mom and I went to the music shop in Lindsay Ontario and bought a crappy nylon right away. I came home and immediately sat down to write my first song on guitar. That song was Soon on a Snowflake.

I had never played guitar and quickly realized I’d made the right choice.

The following summer I ran away to Weimar Germany and decided to write 12 songs, ready to perform my own shows and eventually record my own album.

 My last year of university was interspersed with shows around Toronto and Montreal, a residency at the Tranzac and enough time to be sure of what I was going to do once graduating.

 Come graduation, I gave myself a year, stress free to try out a career in music.  I freelance tutored Korean students in English and after 6 months was so busy with music I couldn’t juggle both so I quit.

Fast forward 2 and a half years and there I was at SXSW for the second time.  This time totally exhausted from just finishing a tour from Toronto to Austin TX, covering 10,000 km I decided to only stay for 2 days of the festival to play a couple showcases, one with The Sweetness and the other solo for Fender/ Guild.

A strange chain of events led me to this showcase.  Aly Tadros was playing it and mentioned to the A&R that I was in town.  He immediately invited me to play and asked her if I would be interested in being one of their artists.  I was in disbelief and didn’t think much of it until after the showcase.

Aly and I performed 2 songs each backed by The Sweetness at the Fender/ Guild centre in Austin.  It was filmed and recorded to later be aired.  There I met the A&R and he was quite in love with our sound.

We sat down and he invited us both to be Guild Artists.  What did this mean? We would be gifted a guitar, a D-55 Acoustic.  However, both Aly and I mostly used nylon guitars.  Well that was no problem, we were also to be gifted a GN-5 Classical.  INSANE!

How did this happen?

I bused home the very next night, completely overwhelmed by the chain of events and proud to have come so far in the past few years.  It was validation that I made the right choice.

Trust your instincts ladies and gentlemen.  Sometimes you know more about your future than you could imagine.

So I went home and we were invited to go to the Fender/ Guild/ Ovation warehouse in New Hartford, Connecticut.

A couple weeks later, we made a little road trip down to this small town.  We walked into this brick warehouse and in the front entrance was a welcome sign for Chloe and Aly!  How sweet.

Greeted by Frank Untermyer, VP of KMC Music & General Manager of Ovation, Fender & Guild USA, we sat down in his office and got to know each other.

Adorned with some sexy protective glasses we were taken on a tour of the factory and given insight into every little detail of Guild production.

At each station, the employees were so friendly and willing to take the time to explain their detailed  and very important role.  Each person was a master at their precise job and most definitely a guitar lover through and through.

Did you know that they only turn out about 14 high-end guitars a day. From start to finish, the process takes about 5 Weeks.  Not only is their attention to detail special but they are quite the environmentalists. 100% of Guild guitars are now made completely from sustainable, eco-friendly wood. Everything from the source of the wood to the working conditions at the timber companies they order from.

Of course, they also have quite the sense of humour.  Lucky us, we got to rock out on Rick Nielson’s (Cheap Trick) custom guitar. I think I need one of these of Chloe.  That might be just creepy.

Anyway, after this thorough visit, we were asked to play a small concert for the staff.  What a treat to pick up these gorgeous guitars for the first time and try them out. The staff was amazingly appreciative and welcoming.  What a treat for us.

Now I just got home from a 30 date tour of Germany, Switzerland and Italy accompanied by these two gorgeous guitars.  What a perfect way to get acquainted. We became great friends – I tell them everything you know.  We even swim together.

The tour wouldn’t have been the same without them.

I look forward to many more years as part of the Guild Family.

To me everything today represents a chain of events from one point in time, on decision, picking one road as opposed to another.  It’s so comforting to see where you can get in life by listening to yourself.  It’s nice to be validated as a musician, as a person.  To me, being invited into this family, validates my efforts and my hard work along the way.

Thank you Guild.

Want to hear these guitars yourself?  Well a few shows are coming up, in particular NXNE showcase next Friday!  And a many others this summer.  Let’s celebrate!

Lots of love