Ireland…the land of pubs with WIFI


Finally found my safe place, the place I feel most comfortable in a city – a cozy cafe where I can feel free to sit on my computer and sip on a coffee or chai tea for 4 hours, where everyone is laid back and just wants to take their time, where the music isn’t pop, or rock, but something soothing, where I can relax and recoup after a stressful few days of travel and a cold.

Finally after 2 days of trying to find a way out of Ireland that doesn’t cost over 100 Euros, we bought our ticket out of here. We navigated through piles of websites, travel options, message boards, asked and asked and asked. Suddenly we had the idea to read the fine print.

Who would ever think?

Well, I guess with the pressured Irish air, our brains were a little smothered and unable to fire properly. Oh well, now we have our tickets, only 42 Euros each from Dublin to Leeds.

Thank goodness!

It’s 3:52am and 13 degrees celsius outside. Hopped on the bus from Mulinivat to Dublin. Big hugs and warm goodbyes as we ran for our bus just outside Susan and Joe’s house. What a beautiful house it was perhaps an old Irish farm house with old stables, 2 big puppies, 3 little wild and adorable girls, and some fantastic spinach lasagna. Best meal we’ve had the whole trip. Aly and I ate like we’d never eaten before and may never have the chance again. After weeks of a humous centred diet – humous with pita, whole cucumber dipped in humous, whole carrots dipped in humous, humous, humous humous anything without chickpeas as the main ingredient was welcomed.

In Susan’s candle lit living room, filled with cushioned chairs from the local bar, Aly and I sang in front a wood stove with a glass of red wine by our side.

How did this all come together?