Italian Farm house surprise! Ciao!!


Don’t have much time to write as I am too busy relaxing in the sun and about to head to the lake after an incredibly magical evening at the Sacchi house.
We arrived here after 24 hours without sleep, yet again, completely delirious yet dumbfounded by the beauty of Northern Italy.
Blue sky, mountains with white tips, lush greenery, flowers, small cobbled streets, wonderful people, wonderful family.  To add to this overstimulating magnificence was the actual Sacchi house.

Instant decompression.

Two houses, refurbished farmhouses are joined by a garden court – one house where we are staying which is Paulo’s photography studio and the other for the family.
Aly and I feel like children sleeping in 2 twin beds in an enourmous studio space with beamed ceilings 3 times our height.  Above our heads we are lulled to sleep by the sound of little, or big, critters on the roof.

We arrived like zombies had a nap, awoke to lunch with Paulo, the warm father of the house.  Don’t forget the wine!
Back to sleep for another 5 hours to awake to the grand piano being tuned and diner, again of course with fresh wine, this time red.

Then for the party, a yearly event with up to 100 guests, all bringing delicious dishes and desserts.  Oh my, so much food, so much wine.

A first for us was the Milano speciality, Negroni, a cocktail made of equal parts of gin, dry martini and campari.  Three bottles were poured over ice and generously doled out to the non-drivers of the crowd.

Whoa, what a kick in the face.  My taste buds will never cringe again at the taste of any spirit.

Tommi took such good care of us, the booker I was lucky enough to meet through Felix’s friend Martino (Tommi’s brother) in Berlin.  He introduced me to Davide Santi, an incredible violinist who wanted to collaborate with me.  What an honour.

For a few hours before the party concert we rehearsed a few songs.  Just listening makes me giddy.  If you have ever played with me you know my giggly response to strings.  It takes a few minutes to desensitize me to the sensual sound.

The concert was a hit, so romantic this place.   Music ended with a jam with an amazing trumpeter, guitarist and us.

Never thought I would sing ” Oh when the Saints come marching in” at a concert…

…and that it could actually sound good!!!

Then again, everything sounds good with drink.

Must say ciao.  We are off to the lake, followed by a rehearsal with Davide, a change of houses (to Tommi’s studio in Milan) and then to Milan for a concert.

Tomorrow, a famous radiostation, Radiopopulare, the one left station here not run by Berlusconi!