Moms are a priceless commodity!


Here I am north of Toronto in rural Ontario, visiting my Mom.  It’s been a while since we have spent time alone together.  Being on the road and leading such a chaotic Toronto life, we rarely get in QT.  Believe me it was needed!

Why are Moms great, mine especially?

Well, no matter how stressed I feel or how much I think I MUST do now, I can’t help but turn into a bowl of porridge in her presence.   My Mom can cast a sleepy spell on me, anywhere, anytime.

…and when those guilty feelings arise all she need do is give me the permission to take a break, the holy word of Mom.

What else?

She feeds me well…let’s me sleep in….is interested in everything I’m doing.

She lets me be the slob, lazy, needy me I often need to be.

But MOSTLY, because my Mom is an interesting, lively, intelligent, quirky, hilarious, beautiful person who makes me happy.

That’s all back to Mom and nature!

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