Music: The Time Traveller

My new painting, available as an incentive for contributing to my 2nd album.

My Dear Spring Tulips!

Before I get started on my flowery note to you, I have a few exciting pieces of news:

1. I’ve been nominated for a #SiriusXMIndie Award for Best Soul/R&B Artist of the Year and NEED YOUR VOTE! Voting ends this Friday!

2. I’m going to be playing the North Sea Jazz Festival  in Rotterdamn July 12th.  Who else is playing? Stevie Wonder, Pharell Williams, Outkast and on and on…I’ll also be playing Love Supreme (Gregory Porter, Jamie Cullum, De la Soul) and Womad (founded by Peter Gabriel), both in the UK in July.

3. If you are in Toronto for Canadian Music Week, I will be there to showcase some new material with my European-Canadian merged band at The Drake Hotel on Friday  May 10th at 8pm.

4. My favourite piece of news:  We are recording my 2nd album at Number 9 Audio Group in Toronto!!!  Preorder the album or help be a part of it by donating here:

It’s a lot to ask your fans for a little support and … boy, is it ever scary!

One, because we live in this super individualistic society that emphasizes making it on your own, that we should all be autonomous… as if all of us don’t actually rely on each other for services and safety and sanity every day of our lives.

And two, because it’s admitting that my career is not a one-man job.

It’s not just Chloe who does everything. I’ve got a lot of people behind me helping me to get my music out there, allowing me to do what I love, and bring something special, the gift of music, to you.

We are past the era of musicians living it up, with the exception of a few.  So, perhaps with this crowd funding approach, we’ve time travelled  to the days of the court jester being hired by the king as a full time entertainment fixture in the kingdom.

Let me be your jester! Let me reside in your home in the form of a brand new album!  

If you have ever spent time in a studio, you know the tremendous amount of work it is to record an album, the amount of energy it takes to actualize dreams.  But that’s the only way to produce the magic, the potion that can cast spells on people, make them feel young again, make them feel love, transport them through time and space, inspire their creativity.  It can be cathartic, or spiritual, revitalizing or soothing.

This world is too hard to not have music, to not have the arts, to not live with a little magic.

Reality is tough and we all need a break, something that transcends the daily grind, material difficulties, financial worries,  world problems.

Music is one thing that speaks to us all and I’m so excited to be part of this.  I hope you are, as well.
Because your support is integral to making this album come true!

And, THANK YOU, again and again to all of you who have already pledged to help!

A new tune sent to you from my kitchen with my baby Guild…

Chloe Charles – Hold Me from Christen Bach on Vimeo.