One doesn’t encounter many albums that evoke P.J. Harvey, Tracy Chapman, Joni Mitchell, Amy Winehouse and Radiohead in a single sitting, but that’s the sort of range with which Charles is working. Her time will come.The Canadian is completely original, blessed with powerhouse vocals and a distinctly personal way with songs…

— The Star 07/16

The Canadian is completely original, blessed with powerhouse vocals and a distinctly personal way with songs…

— Hello 06/16

Toronto’s Chloe Charles has a distinct, curious rasp to her voice. The guitarist/singer-songwriter’s musical approach is poised and urgent, with hypnotic notes of hope and melancholy. Traversing genre lines of jazz, soul, pop and folk, Charles’ With Blindfolds On has a symphonic feel — see the effective opening confessional “Black & White” — that reflects a level of songwriting savvy that carries over the 14 tracks here.

— Exclaim 05/16

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Feature: “Canada’s problem with marketing an artist like Chloe Charles…”

— NOW Toronto 05/16

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“Near the end of our convo, Chloe Charles tells me she wants everyone to feel like shit. But she also wants them to cry and then feel happy afterwards. “I want them to go on an emotional rollercoaster,” the Toronto-born, internationally raised singer/songwriter/guitarist says. She’s talking about her sophomore album With Blindfolds On, an orchestral pop opus with elements of soul, jazz, rock, and about every other genre you can think of.”

— Noisey/Vice 05/16

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“Chloe Charles: The Next Big Thing In Jazz”

— The Times 06/14

“4 Stars”


“Five Canadian Acts to Watch: Artists Breaking Across Borders”

— Billboard Magazine 04/13

“[Chloe Charles] sings unique and colourful songwriter – pop songs with an introverted beauty of surprising clarity.”

— Rolling Stone 12/12

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Une “pop-folk planate, fraiche, bourree de surprises”

— A Nous Paris 01/14

“Chloe Charles sort de la nuit comme une guerriere qui pratiquerait le love combat”

— France Inter 01/14

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“Des melodies pop qui se lovent dans les oreilles des la premiere ecoute”

— Glamour 01/14

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“un nouveau talent qui se joue des etiquettes”

— Femme Actuelle 01/14

“Meet Chloe Charles, Toronto’s next big singer-songwriter.”

— Globe and Mail

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“…[Chloe’s folk songs are] multi-faceted jewels”

— Elle (Germany)

“…[Chloe’s] vocal and guitar talents are undeniable… her charisma and skills guarantee that we’ll be hearing a lot more about her soon.“

— NOW Magazine

With the power of her voice and her stories [Chloe] is breaking the balance of our accepted customs.  She’s not searching for the quiet middle.  She is focusing on the unventured edge.  Chloe Charles is a brilliant singer, guitarist and songwriter.

— Jazz Thing 11/12 – 01/13

“…magical, deftly arranged“

— Globe and Mail

The songs from her debut album are delicacies full of originality that want to whisper while passing by: Dare to be complicated. And then, with such ease these complicated songs come across so naturally.

— Dei Zeit 29/11/2012

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Backed by an eerie mix of violin, cello and sparse percussion, it’s the perfect canvas for Charles’ gorgeous voice and intensely plucked classical guitar.

— Guitar World

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“Hints of those comparisons and many more were on display throughout her mesmerizing set in front of the sizeable gathering of anxious concertgoers…”

— Exclaim

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“Her gorgeous, sultry voice and impressive guitar skills have given her the start to a successful career…”

— Musicians Friend

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“Rising Canadian Singer-Songwriter Chloe Charles”

— CBC TV Interview & Live Performance with Alice Hopton

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“She sings to us with the voice of an angel, delicate white wings singed black by the hellish heat that comes with living a windswept life.  Think Joni Mitchell in bed with Kate Bush, Tori Amos in her Cornflake Girl daze…Charles has received far more attention in Europe than here at home. This may be about to change!”

— Metro News

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“Breathtaking artistry… wicked!”

— Radio Regent, “Corby’s Orbit”

“Fittingly, the arrangements are vocal-centric, extending to the way the ever-present strings are framed. Charles uses them as another voice, as emotional testuriser for her own…spine-tingling singing, crafty guitar slinging, jumping and stomping and touching storytelling.”

— Cashbox Canada

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“As was the case with Cold Specks, it has been the British and European press leading the way in declaring the arrival of a major new talent. Charles recently returned from a successful Euro tour that had the critics salivating… Expect the local buzz around Charles to ramp up with Break The Balance. She unwraps her gift with a Feb. 13 showcase at Revival in Toronto. It’s bound to be a packed house.”

— New Canadian Music

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“Charles is a master of evocative story telling…Her buttery vocals melt into harmonic perfection as she rides the waves of impressive emotion; transforming questions into musical landscapes and transcending the archaic expectations of what it means to be a female songwriter.”

— Addicted

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“Break the Balance is a mesmerizing showcase of Charles’ prowess as a singer, songwriter, lyricist and guitarist.  The album stretches across genres, from chamber, to folk to soul and pop, while somehow always evading a distinct category – it’s definitely a risk worth taking. Teaming with lush guitar riffs and haunting soundscapes, the balance is tipped between the dreamy and the eerie… even with the atmospheric foreboding, it’s the lyrics that create the real intrigue…Her classical guitar playing and steady strings keep the focus on the ebb and flow of her words. She has such strong control over her voice, but there’s a gentleness that always persists.”

— The Scene in TO

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“You will be hearing the name Chloe Charles in the very near future. The Canadian singer-songwriter-guitarist is set to make a huge North American splash [with] Break The Balance…“God is a Toad“ reveals touches of Joni Mitchell while Charles’s voice in “Find Her Way” hits notes in Björk territory. “My Child” delivers a similar message to Billie Holiday’s “God Bless The Child,” with a spookily automaton-like chorus symbolizing life’s predictable pain and repetition. “Soldier” opens with a classical guitar intro while Charles sings of confronting life’s obstacles and surviving in a style similar to Sade. In “Tarot,” Charles displays otherworldly vocal stylings and intrinsic musicality…. And in “Business,” which opens with a 50s ‘doo-wop,’ Charles reaches a crescendo chorus reminiscent of Queen…Break The Balance is marked by…rich, unregulated symphonic melodies that defy genres, and Charles’s own classical guitar infusions.”

— Torontoncity

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[Chloe Charles has] this worldly aura… catchy and quirky… a powerhouse”

— Raz Mataz Magazine

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Even when the singer only relies on her dear friend, the acoustic guitar, her voice kicks in so creatively that her original and awesome pop never sounds boring, not even for a second.

— Stereoplay 01/13

Chloe took her time to develop her own style where she has integrated diverse influences ranging from 50’s girl pop to classical guitar arrangements, art pop, which evokes the unadjusted style of her idol Bjork to songwriter folk and soul.  As the title already indicates, nothing is balanced and is absolutely not boring.

— Kulturnews 12/12

Weirdness is the true sexiness.  The proof is the Canadian songwriter Chloe Charles: Her album is full of delightful contradictions.

— Maxi 01/13

Her voice sounds both black and white reminding us of Etta James and at times Joanna Newsom.  Stylistically, this 25-year-old Canadian is walking a fine line between folk, soul, singer-songwriter.  Her songs are embedded in exciting production and brave arrangements that give “Break the Balance” a very extravagant aura.

— Audio 01/13

“Her ongoing accomplishments as an indie artist are reverberating throughout the industry, and the same can be said about her music.”

— International Musician 05/12

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“Chloe Charles oozed a striking demure and strong vocal prowess, keeping the audience captive though her savouring stories…. Chloe Charles is a talent that not only signifies a contemporary mature sound, but the depth of her range keeps a mesmerizing lock on the ears. Slow enough to absorb, moving enough to indulge…. A voice worth hearing; a presence worth revisiting”

— livemusicTO

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“She will jolt you out of the ordinary and draw you into her intense world of emotions and sounds.”

— National Post

“In a time when musicians increasingly aim at “genrelization” (the ability to be easily categorized into a specific music genre), Charles is bucking the trend. With an undefined sound that borrows from all genres, she is allowing her fans to connect with different musical experiences on each track.”

— Sway Magazine

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“Compared to the likes of Portishead, Bjork and Feist, this type of music and genius is still a rare form and we should all be excited if given the chance to listen to it live. Charle’s voice floats effortlessly above the amazing string performances of her band with a otherworldly transcendence that at times seems to have a deliciously manipulative quality if one does not pay attention to the lyrics.”

— Juxtaposition Ape

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“a smouldering session of magic soul by Chloe Charles and her accompanying 5-piece band”

— Toronto is Awesome

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“The five songs here are all solidly built affairs that show great talent.”

— Adequacy

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“Chloe Charles has a great future and it will not be long before we find her in the polling for the next “Best New Female Artist”.”

— Dabelly

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“Absolutely riveting…. All five tracks are consistently fantastic.. This is a fantastic introduction to a talent we’ll hopefully be hearing a lot more of in the future.”

— Slug Magazine

“She’s something onto herself, this one. The uncommonly limber vocalist does a sort of chamber-soul music, with jazzy detours taken as well.”

— The Globe and Mail

“Weeks Best Albums.” List

— Alarmpress

“The Best EP’s of 2010
I can’t tell whether it’s the Canadian’s delicately soulful voice or the eerie, wintry arrangements, but there is something deliciously creepy, yet so very enticing, about the music of Chloe Charles.”

— Dryvetym Onlyne

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Amazing vocalist, Chloe Charles marries her deep soft voice with sweet viola, double bass and acoustic guitar to deliver us an inspired Soul. She belongs to the next generation, and brings the jazz on new paths. Recorded and produced between Germany, Italy and Canada, this opus has an electric flavour with authentic rhythms that will makes you vibrate high!

— Madly Juicy

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“Evocative soundscapes languidly swirl about like windswept snowflakes. Then Chloe’s magnificent voice materializes in the middle of your mind with a warming timbre telling warning tales rife with the learned experience of one who knows. Meanwhile, her acoustic guitar proceeds to gently pluck away at your meager defenses until you finally capitulate.”

— Jeffrey Morgan

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“Hard to Categorize, Easy to be Enthralled by, Chloe Charles is Where Chamber Folk Experimentalism and Sultry Somber Soul Meet.”

— Writer CW Ross Music Blog

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“Little Green Bud is just a 5-song EP but what a great teaser! Masterfully engineered, it entablatures highly artistic intent executed with grace and ease…”

— Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

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“Poised, charismatic and quirky, Chloe Charles breaks black female vocalist stereotypes as she arrives on stage with her classical guitar, accompanied by viola, double bass, or other unexpected twists and turns of her musical imagination.”

— National Post

“Put all of your preconceptions on hold. Chloe Charles bends them and breaks them…..Little Green Bud shows a lot of promise from Chloe Charles. Her voice is striking; beautiful and atypical, rich and lush while possessive of the sort of vocal anomalies that create interest rather than discord. The compositions on Little Green Bud are highly original, blending pop sensibility with strings and an almost antique musical setting. Chloe Charles has the pipes to go far, and the performances on Little Green Bud indicate an artist who is very comfortable in her own shoes. Be certain that we’ll be hearing more from Chloe Charles.”

— Wildy’s World

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“A genuine musical spirit backed by stellar violin and drum accompaniment (highlighted by a warm birthday greeting to her mother) as long as Chloe Charles continues to turn heads, it won’t be long before she becomes a household name.”

— Lonely Vagabond

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“Listening to Little Green Bud is like devouring a three course, gourmet meal through your ears. And yet, you want to dance, as hearty and full as it is. Prepare to unbutton the metaphorical pants and let the auditory belly hang out. Paint me impressed.
Rating: 9.8/10?

— Surviving the Golden Age

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“The album puts Charles in the spotlight, and her distinct voice will keep her shining. Though Charles doesn’t give us much to judge fairly—there are only five tracks on Little Green Bud—we can guess that her deep and peculiar sounding voice will give her an advantage and, soon enough, a record contract. This is definitely an album to be proud of, and hopefully she can give us a little more next time around.”

— Venus Zine

“Chloe Charles may well be a musical sorceress. Her EP Little Green Bud is completely captivating. Charles’ voice is hypnotic and spellbinding, coaxing the listener deeper and deeper into her music until one is captive to complete the journey she has laid out…. Every song on this five song EP is strong and a prize for the ears.”

— Innocent Words

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“Those eyes. That voice. Chloe Charles makes it difficult not to fall in love with her.”

— Think Contra

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“I’ve hosted Chloe Charles this summer on my radio show on Radio Popolare in Milan, Italy. I am a radio journalist since 1994 and I talk to a lot of international and Italian bands daily, playing their music and talking with listeners about it. Chloe Charles music was really appreciated by our listeners and every time when I play her songs I receive a lot of emails where people ask me who is she and where they can buy her cd’s. They love her voice and a type of music she plays.”

— Radio Popolare

“Charles’ talent is in clear evidence on this EP and it wets the appetite for a longer piece of work.”

— Luna Kafe

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Chloe Charles has a great future and it will not be long before we find her in the polling for the next “Best New Female Artist”.

— Da Belly Magazine

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For those who like: Alicia Keys, Ani Difranco

Take an R&B spirit and lay it atop a folk foundation and you’ll get the unique combination provided by this buzz-worthy Toronto musician.

— Snob Music

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Chloe Charles makes music with hand and foot. Always modest, but also expressive. She and her acoustic guitar supported by violin, bass and other instruments that fit their view to their songs. Music that evokes feelings, my heart goes to dream.

— Freeguide Berlin

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It is hard to attach a label to this lady and her music, but it is easy to like what you hear. There is surprise after surprise while listening to the product of this woman’s impressive imagination. Some songs are sad, even melancholic then others are inspiring. The end result is that you believe the authenticity behind every note she hits. Everything about this lady and her music is intense. It doesn’t allow you to be a casual listener; it pulls you in and doesn’t let go for one moment it is playing.

— Orchasound Features

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With songs progressing from pretty to pretty intense, Chloe Charles is coming atcha and won’t settle for being just background music. Rich, layered and colorful, Little Green Bud seems like a unique bloom on the burgeoning tree of female singer/songwriters in the forest of Indie Pop-dom. Somewhere, probably, Joni is smiling, and Billie Holiday rests secure her work was not in vain.

— The Blue Indian – Georgia’s Music Hub

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It is full and solid, and it envelops the room so beautifully, before floating strongly and gracefully out the front door.

— Raz Mataz Magazine

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Molti dicono che la sua voce assomiglia a quella di Bjork, ad altri ricorda Etta James.

— Jalla Jalla: Radio Popolare Magazine

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Il suo stile è eclettico e infonde l’anima popolare in modo efficace. Her style is eclectic and infuses the soul of the people.

— Fashion Bla Bla

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Her music comes from the soul and touches the soul. Chloe Charles’ music takes listeners on a journey through vital aspects of being.

— Milan Nice

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— Frizz Das Magazine

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