Perfection, Songwriting,Ted X & Other Updates


Nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Composition entails accepting imperfection, having the confidence to be vulnerable and opening oneself to judgment. Life’s imperfections are what make up life and flaws are what lead to progress and adaptation. When you strive for perfection you risk stagnation because mistakes and flaws need to be actualized in order to learn from, grow, develop, motivate, evolve, challenge and inspire new ideas.   My life goal has been to let go of shame and accept my humanity, live vulnerably and never dismiss an idea.  This is my compositional process.

I have dedicated this summer to songwriting.  I set out with a goal to write 30 new songs but it looks like I will end up with a ton more.  I’ve been writing by myself, with artists and producers and songwriters — soul, pop, folk, electro, whatever.  Not all of them are incredible but each and every one of them brings out something new in me.  Each and every person I write with inspires me and shows me the world through a new pair of glasses. 

I wanted to grow this summer.  I wanted a challenge.

Not that this life of touring like a mad woman isn’t challenging.  But I wanted to try something new.

How about sitting in one place for a legitimate amount of time?

Sounds different!

So here I am in Toronto living on Queen West with some of my favourite people.

Nate Daniels happens to be one of them, from the about-to-be-huge Toronto band

Toronto summers are incredible.

Outside of writing like a mad woman, of course I  had to perform just a little.

Most exciting performances:

  1. I’ll be performing at the Markham Jazz Festival right before Maceo Parker!  Um…Hello…that’s BIG!!  Friday, August 16th   7:00 pm
  1. I will be a Keynote Speaker at the 2013 Ted X Conference held in Richmond Hill.  What an honour!  Who doesn’t love Ted X?   Monday, August  12th

Oh, and of course I had to drop and shoot a couple of new music videos.

1.  Break the Balance shot by Natasha Kudashkina:

2.  And life would be boring without some crazy coloured smoke bombs and 14 dancers.  Shot by Danielle Da                  Silva, Refrain From Fire will be coming out in the fall.

So that is my life in a nutshell for summer 2013 in Toronto.

Hope you are loving your summer!

Lots of love



Harbourfront Soundclash Awards, New album, Song of the Week


So if you didn’t already hear, I’ve been nominated  for the Harbourfront Soundclash Awards alongside LAL, Opopo, Rich Kidd, Gyles, and Progress and the Rebel Alliance.  Pretty honoured to be nominated and get to share the stage with these awesome artists. Harbourfront interviewed each of us and we were told to brag as much as we wanted but thats not really my style.  My show is this Saturday at 3pm at Redpath Stage, Harbourfront.

Here’s my spiel:


As well, CBC Here and Now chose one artist to promote the Award and they chose me!! Woo hoo.  My song “Business” is the  song of the week played somewhere between 2 and 6pm everyday on CBC radio 1.  By the way, “Business” is yet unreleased so this is a sneak preview of the upcoming album entitled Break the Balance.

I am releasing my full length album, Break the Balance  here in Canada this September, Germany, Switzerland and Italy in October and November and January in the States.  Here is a little behind the scenes video of the photoshoot for the album cover, shot by Carrie Clee of Clee Images.


Last weekend I was in Ottawa after being nominated for the “Shes the One” award as part of the Ottawa Blues Fest.  What a wonderful experience!  Pretty cool to have played the same festival as Snoop Dog and Alice Cooper!

By the way, my band is the shit!!!

Thats all folks!