Thank you for existing!


I’ve been back for a few days and am now recapping on everything.

I love being on the road, meeting new people, seeing old friends, new experiences. I have grown so much from constantly being challenged but the stage can be lonely.

Being a persona, a brand asks for a lot of caution. It’s a constant struggle to not become just a presence but remain a multifaceted person.

I am lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life to add to who I am.

My Mom – a strong woman who has not had the easiest life but who has never stopped growing and changing.  I look up to her as a person and know she is always there with some existentialist wisdom and love to help me along the way.

My Nana – more like a second parent and friend.  She is 85 and vibrant although growing old is not easy on her, she still inspires me.

Felix – my partner who makes me more me and encourages me in every endeavor.  The most grounded, person I know.  He always inspires me and stimulates my mind and shocks me with his understanding.

My Dad – although not growing up with him, he has come through in the past few years and exposed me to the wild side of life, given me the experience and strength to do what I am doing now.

Cynthia – step mom and friend.  Dealt with a lot in her life but remains strong and wise and never bitter.

Rebecca (London,UK)– a best friend who understands my every thought.  A beautiful person, talented and wise, opened and a lover of humanity and nature.  I miss her everyday.

Andrea (Montreal,QC) – Rekindled friendship, so thoughtful and understanding, designer of Silver Studios, putting beautiful things into the world.  My mental manager on tour.  I will be the surrogate aunt to her blond angelic child.  If I was a lesbian we’d be too good together.

Emilia (Toronto, ON) – a friend since before I have memories. So proud of her. Like a sister.  Sweetest most gentle loving person ever!

Annie (London, UK) – such a giving and kind person (perhaps too much so) with so much belief in what I am doing.  She could do anything she chooses with grace and whatever that is she will make better the lives of those around her.

Evelyn (Toronto) – my manager. Incredibly strong woman with an abundance of knowledge.  Kind and caring and grounding.  Holds the world on her shoulders. Encourages my creativity and reminds me to be kind to myself.

 Step Brother (World) – So generous, at times too generous. Although we don’t see each other, I know he’s got my back always.

Mack (Toronto) – my band mate and a best friend also member of Ninja Funk Orchestra.  He can’t help but make me smile. So talented and sweet, cuddly and hilarious.

Gord (Toronto) – another besty from Ninja Funk Orchestra who is perhaps too smart for his own good. Dedicated, determined.  An inspiration musically.  He constantly stimulates my mind.

Niel (Toronto) – bandmate and best friend. Wants to take care of everyone. Ready to help a friend at the drop of a hat.  So unbiased and non-judgemental.

Shantal (London, UK)– like a sister growing up and still is. Doing what she wants without any apology and making her way in this world. A creative genius, she will put her imprint on the film industry with her prosthetic designs.

Terry (Evansville, Indiana) – war here, widower turned hippy and Reike master.  Every ounce out of him is pure love.

Duane (Lexington, Kentucky) – Owner of Shangrila Productions. My producer on the upcoming album turned good friend.  Somehow understands my musical raucous and hones it into something for the world.  Freak slash genius.

David (Evansville, Indiana) – poppa wells, my Indiana pop! Been threre to give me love and some fatherly support when I’m needing it most.

Michael (Cambridge, MA)– Most amazing mind ever.  Such an analytical and clear thinker.  So much support for what I am doing that I am overwhelmed by his kindness.  He turns my emotional thinking into action and believes that I can be so much. And his wife Bette – Kind joyful spirit.

Uli (Der Fuchs aus Berlin, DE) – 8 year friend, like a brother.  Berlin wouldn’t be the same without him.

Nik (Berlin, DE) – Another brother from another mother. Dreams of giving him a hug every time I make it over there.

Douglas (Austin, TX) – band member in The Sweetness and best friend/ brother.  Gentle, lover of anything living, best hugger and shoulder to cry on. Check out his other projects – Stone By Stone and Bugaboo.

Cures Riches – moms ex boyfriend and father-like figure in my early years.  Musical savant, gentle nature lover. Harmer of nothing.

Aly (Brooklyn, NY) – surrogate sister/ tourmate/ bandmate/ friend. The Egyptian/ Texan version of me.  So incredible strong, talented, driven.  Can make you cry with her lyrics from happiness or sadness. She will go so far. She loves and is not afraid to be wrong but is always ready to turn life into a lesson. If you don’t know her go listen NOW!

Sam (Toronto) –wild and soft. Master songwriter.  Bandmate in The Sweetness. Surrogate sister. She can turn anything beautiful and spunky with her stand alone personality.

Kelly Lafaive – (Toronto) – my violinist and friend. With the purest voice and the kindest heart.

Davide (Milan, IT) – childlike spirit.  Nothing is not worth trying.  Hears and sees the world as music, romantic. Tour mate, violinist.

Tina (Port Perry, ON) – surrogate aunt and my mom’s best friend. Taught me that family has nothing to do with blood but with love, support and acceptance.

Bruce (Halifax, NS) – president of MMS, an encouraging mentoring spirit who has been there to advice and look out for my best interests since day one. Took me under his wing, I know he’s got my back.

Laurie (Toronto) – my publisict. Always behind me ready to spread the world of Chloe. Get the Message PR.

Roland (Toronto) – my partners wife, when I’m gone.  Probably helped save our relationship a few times.

Nathan – Lead singer in Cairo (awesome band by the way) bestie from Uni / ex roommate, fickle, wild child, talent in anything creative. Sensitive cuddle bunny, partner in crime, naked dance parties and cheeky adventures.

Sanja (Milan, IT) – radio dj/ for RadioPopolare networking extraordinare with so much belief in my future.  Always ready to work on my behalf in Milan/ Italy.

Sebastian (Berlin, DE) – cameraman of Sweetness documentary. Partner in crime, perhaps too much crime. Loads of cherished memories.

Andy (Ludwigsberg, DE) – assistant in Sweetness documentary become really close friend.  Makes me feel at home when in Germany with his gentle calming nature.

Pascal (Ludwigsberg, DE) – director of Sweetness documentary.  Sensitive intuitive genius who shares my dark mind.  Inspiring person who is so destined for greatness. If you like some harder music check out his band Fetzer and the Turbochargers.

Bertin (Ludwigsberg, DE) – sound guy for Sweetness documentary and partner in crime. Crazy exterior with a soft creamy mushy inside.

Reiner (Stuttgart, DE) – like family in Stuttgart.  Runs Café Galao and Silent Fridays 2 of my favourite concerts to play. Also my Stuttgartian cuddle buddy.

Jamen (Toronto) – my male straight girlfriend who is always there to be my body guard, my stylist or my amazing sound guy.

Brock – ex roommate during Uni.  Lively, wild, sweet, adorable, squishy friend who is my favourite retweeter and scenester…hehe.  Blogger at Brock Papers.

Zoe (Toronto) – my little cousin from the same insane family I come from.  She’s an awesome smart spunky amazing person.

Ayshe (Cologne, DE) a best best friend living too far away but one of those people who you know no matter what we will find each other somewhere and it will always be the same. Wonderful artist with an eye for things and a take on life that is totally inspiring and unique unto herself.

Nils (Vienna, AU) – known for 8 years.  Every single time I go to Europe he finds a way to meet me somewhere.  Such a loyal sweet friend.

Justin (Toronto, CA) – bestie in uni and after 8 years things are just the same.  Even when time passes without seeing each other, I know he’s still around sending over the positive vibes.

Trixi (Freiburg, DE) – Germany mom.  So caring and ready to do anything for anyone to help.  So giving and warm. Also the best cook ever!!

Niels (Freiburg, DE) – German Dad. Quiet demeanor but under so kind and loving with a very cheeky side.

And every person who has touched my life in some way, you have made me who I am and keep me motivated. If we have met you left an impact on my life and I appreciate that, your existence in this world, my world.  Your support, your smile, your handshake, your conversation, your accommodation, your acceptance, your applause, your laugh, your tears, your words, your glances, your voice, your presence although not always remembered has left an imprint.

You give me so much positive and I hope I have done the same for you.  I know we can’t always do the “right” thing so if I have hurt you ever I am sorry.  And if you have hurt me, know that I learned from it.

Love you all.