True Romance…Love is contagious!


What is true romance? Well, boy have I got a love story for you.

But first something to make you giggle:

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Now onto that love story I promised you…

It isn’t every day you get to be behind the scenes of a marriage proposal.

…and not just any proposal, the most elaborate and romantic proposal I’ve ever heard of.   This was movie worthy.

At CMW 2013, on stage at Tattoo Rock Parlour, I looked into the audience and there was this adorable couple, hanging on my every word and note.  We chatted afterwards and I remember telling my band that this was likely the cutest couple ever.

A year later, after getting to know them better and having their support at every Toronto show I’ve had since, I get an email from Jonny.  He writes me their lovestory.

In short, that show at CMW was one of their first dates and somehow my music became somewhat of a soundtrack to their blossoming relationship.

Within months of knowing each other, Jonny knew Jesjika was the one for him and wrote a letter to her dated 1 year later, in which he proposed.

This letter was sealed and framed, not to be touched for 12 months.

And when the time came for her to open it, Jonny wanted me to be there to serenade her.

I can’t imagine anything more flattering.

Skip to the day: With Davide by my side, we walk into this newly bought house decorated with love notes, flowers, X’s and O’s and yarn.

Yes yarn…

Jonny borrowed the idea from my music video, Find Her Way, and spun a maze of yarn for Jesjika to untangle and lead her from the front door, to her framed proposal.

Davide and I hid in the closet. My heart was beating and Jonny’s was probably near explosion.  We were dying with anticipation! 

Jonny being a baseballer, had set it up so that when Jessika reached the letter she had to throw the ball and break the glass to finally read that long awaited for letter.

And then he went down on one knee, or maybe two.

This was all while we waited for our cue to play.

A flick of the switch, lights on, and through the closet door, she hears music.

Jesjika opens the door and there I am singing Find Her Way.

Her face is something I will never forget.

In short, this was the most rewarding show I’ve ever played.  The memory of it makes me smile every time I recount it.

It made my heart happy!  Congratulations to Jonny and Jesjika!

This summer I have many chances to be fulfilled by the smiles of audiences around Europe.  Know that your attendance fills my heart and your smiles are contagious! I hope you will be in one of these places and in the spirit of love stories, let’s all be a little romantic and show someone how special they are to you.

Love you to pieces

Your Chloe